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  • links from lower da_domain authority

    Are Links From Lower Domain Authority Bad?

    There are many metrics you can measure a website’s link equity. Most SEOs used to talk about PR or PageRank, which is one of Google’s measure of links. After Google stopped updating the public PR metrics, people turned to third-party metrics, like Domain Authority. The Rise in Popularity of Domain Authority (DA) One such metric […] More

  • internal anchor text over optimization

    Internal Links: Does The Over Optimization Penalty Exist? (Exact Match Anchor Text Penalty)

    I recently covered the importance of anchor text and the dangers of using keyword rich anchor text for backlinks. So what about your internal linking strategy internal linking strategy? Should you be careful using keywords within your anchor text on your internal links? Can you go too far? It’s an important question with some debate […] More

  • reverse seo

    Reverse SEO – What Is It And How Do You Do It?

    What is Reverse SEO? What exactly is reverse SEO? Not to be confused with negative SEO, reverse SEO is used for search engine reputation management (online reputation management). Reverse search engine optimization is used to suppress or push down a web page in the search engine results. With reverse SEO, you are essentially burying search […] More

  • anchor text importance

    Anchor Text Best Practices for Backlinks (Using Branded, Exact Match, Generic, Etc)

    When talking about anchor text, we are concerned about two areas of SEO – Anchor Text for Internal linking and Anchor Text for Backlinks. Both can get you into trouble if you over optimize. But, using anchor text wisely can give your SEO campaigns much-needed power in relevancy. That’s the key word here – to […] More

  • writing better titles

    Writing Better Page Titles for SEO

    Focusing on creating an amazing title tag can be a very easy way to enhance your SEO. It’s such a small and simple task, yet it can offer some significant benefits to your SEO and marketing efforts. Beyond producing great content, creating the best title tag for your web pages can have some long-lasting benefits for SEO, Social […] More