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We are a group of SEO specialists here locally in Sacramento, CA. We can skyrocket your business’ traffic and sales through long lasting, cutting edge SEO tactics.

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We create custom websites for a variety of businesses. Whether you are local, national or e-commerce business, at Social Patterns, we’ve got you covered!

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Our blog writing services offer a lot of value and are cost efficient. We have a team of writers that can produce engaging content for your blog.

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Social Media is all about consistently posting great content, among other strategies. We can help you with this time-consuming process.

About Us

Social Patterns is a Sacramento SEO company that specializes in White hat SEO, Keyword research, content marketing and WordPress SEO. Learn more to find out how we can help your business see sustainable growth.

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World Class SEO

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Precise Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of SEO. The problem is many people fail to do a thorough job in their keyword research. Many so-called SEO experts just pick certain keywords out of thin air and start optimizing.


Here at social patterns, what we do is a little bit different. We take a very data-driven approach to keyword research. While it’s good to pick intuitive keywords, it really helps to go the extra mile and take a data-driven approach.


Good keywords for use in an SEO campaign for your business, are keywords that have a healthy mix traffic potential, Click through Rate, potential conversions, and lower competition. The only way you can find these keywords is through a very thorough and detailed keyword research process.

Offsite Optimization

Backlinks, or links from other websites, are like votes. Google sees that other sites link to you, and they take it as a sign that your website is a relevant and popular site. Links from other 3rd party sites can have a dramatically positive effect on your search engine rankings.


A big part of offsite optimization are backlinks and citations (for local SEO). These are critical for SEO and how well your website performs on Google’s search engine results page. The only caveat to backlink building is that you must be careful you are not spammy.


What separates most white hat SEOs from the black hat SEOs is the link building strategy. Here at Social Patterns, we only implement white hat backlinking strategies that will propel your website, without the risk associated with spammy link strategies that some (most) SEO Companies seem to use.

Onsite Optimization

After we have intelligently gathered all the main keywords for your website, then we go through your website and create (or optimize) your website architecture so that is laid out in a way that is both user-friendly and so that the search engine bots can effectively read all the pages on your website.


As we continually produce content that’s engaging to your readers and tremendously helps with your search engine rankings, we will optimize each page for a particular keyword. We will optimize each page for that keyword through things like the body content, the title tags, header tags, Meta Description, URL, Images, etc.


Also on each page and throughout your entire site we will implement strategic internal linking throughout the website, to pass ranking power to specific pages.

Up to Date White Hat SEO

SEO tends to be a cat and mouse game between Google and SEO spammers. The so-called Black Hat SEOs will continually try to concoct new ways to outrank the competition quickly. These quick ranking techniques are usually very short lived, as Google is very sophisticated when it comes to beating out spam.


Because of these cat and mouse games, where spammers find a loophole and Googles engineers close it, is why SEO changes so frequently. You have to be continually on top of the newest SEO best practices. SEO is one of the fasted changing fields in existence because of the evolution of Google itself.


Here at social patterns, we read about and study SEO daily because it is our passion. Because of this intense, continual study of SEO, we offer the most cutting edge SEO practices in existence. We not only use these SEO strategies for our clients, but we use them in our other businesses as well – because they work.

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Beautiful, Modern Web Design

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Responsive Website Design

Responsive web design is a set of web design principles that are used to create websites that adapt to any screen size. Responsive websites have an optimal viewing experience and user interaction across a variety of devices, such as phones, tablets, and computers.


Every website we design is fully responsive and will work on any device, whether on a phone, tablet or computer.

SEO Website Design

Even if you don’t sign up for a full-blown SEO campaign, every site we create is SEO optimized. We go above and beyond most other web design companies because we are not only Web Developers, we are also SEO experts.


Every website we create is optimized and coded with SEO best practices, so you can be sure your website will perform well in the search engines.

Professionally Designed Websites

You can go the do-it-yourself web design route. However, more often than not, it portrays an unprofessional image. Since your website is typically the first impression that customers get, it is incredibly important to have a well-designed website.


Leave it to the professionals to design a website for your business. Let us create an incredible website for your business that will maximize sales, conversions, and your business’s image.

Airtight Security

Websites can be vulnerable to hackers that may want to install malicious code or shut down your site. If your site ever gets hacked, it can be a time-consuming process cleaning up the mess. It can also damage your business’s reputation.


We design our websites built on top of frameworks that are coded with the best security possible. It is also continually updated to have consistent airtight security.

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