WebPosition, one of the leading web ranking and optimization applications, has been de-indexed by Google. Webposition.com and Webpositiongold.com are both showing up as not found in Google. Both domains are returning zero indexed pages. A “link:” command shows no incoming links.

Google may be cracking down on companies that have been automating queries. Instead of opting to block IPs Google may have decided to drop WebPosition’s site from their index.

A couple months ago GoogleGuy issued a warning over at WebmasterWorld:

Recently, we’ve started to improve the software, and it can also detect lots of things like rank checking and other automatic queries to Google. Of course, we don’t show the message to everybody that comes onto our radar, but our new software looks pretty good at detecting programmatic queries. If you’re using WebPosition or other software that sends queries to Google from a program, I’m not surprised if you’re going over a threshold where your queries are on the radar.

If you do see this message, I would recommend not sending so many queries to Google–the volume or type of queries are unusual enough that it’s attracting greater scrutiny from us. If you avoid sending queries to Google from a program, you’ll be as right as rain.

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If anyone else is seeing this or if they think there is something else behind it – leave a comment!

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