Joseph Morin recently posted up the SES NYC 2006 Party/Events Schedule over at SEW. If you are planning an event or just wondering what’s on the list, head over here.

If you are a search engine or vendor events coordinator and are planning an official gathering or even an informal one that you would like me to promote like I did for SES San Jose 2005, then send me a PM with all of the details that you would like included. If you are an attendee and you’ve heard of a great event, also feel free to send me a PM and I’ll look into adding it to the list. SES Chicago 2005 had no advance planning for after hours events and we want to make sure that we do things in advance for NYC.

You might want to keep an eye for Ask’s event on Monday. This is what Joe had to say about the event.

Ask Jeeves just announced a MAJOR bash for Monday night.

Emphasis not mine. =P

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