Jeff Barr admits in his response regarding Syndic8’s spam issue that he was “really stupid and greedy too.”

About a week and a half ago, was banned from Google for content spamming. Today it seems they are back in with a PR of 8.

Jeff admits to “crossing the line” and regrets doing so. His response addresses some very interesting issues regarding SEO and the blogosphere.

In this link-happy world, I have found that people are more interesting in talking about you than talking to you.

I’d have to say that is true and as for why – Jeff answers this himself.

Apparently it is easier to create a link than to send an email.

Why do people expect others to spend the time include them in the conversation?

Jeff could have involved himself in the conversation simply by posting a response much earlier. This is a great example of blogs as a tool for crisis control. The only way to impact the public conversation is by partaking and expressing your point of view. If you wait for someone to ask your point of view – it is too late.

But that doesn’t mean there is only one chance to join the conversation. Jeff wasn’t able to respond initially and impact the first wave of the blogmob. But his response demonstrates the power and effectiveness of being transparent and responding with blogs.

So now another word-of-mouth wave is passing and public opinion is changing. Bloggers are spreading news of Jeff’s response as fast as the blogmob initially spread the news of Syndic8’s mistake.

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