Google just opened up a Froogle Merchants Group on Google Groups.

We invite you to join the new Froogle Merchants Group, now available on Google Groups 2. The Froogle Merchants group is an unmoderated forum for discussion about the Froogle product and the creation and uploading of Froogle data feeds. This group is currently available only through the Google Groups 2 Beta. Any individual with a question or comment about Froogle, or about creating and uploading data feeds to Froogle, may post to the group.

Occasionally, Google employees may post to the group. Any Google employee who participates in the group will always post with the name “Google Employee.” The Froogle Merchants group encourages free and open discussion on all aspects of Froogle and the creation and uploading of Froogle data feeds. To join the group, simply click on the link below. If you’ve already signed up with the Froogle Merchant Center, you won’t need to create a new account. Simply sign in using your Merchant Center username and password.

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