Google just snapped up Dodgeball, a cool small 2 man company helping people socialize.

Dodgeball + Blogger Mobile + Mobile Web Search = Cool things.

Imagine this.

You send a text message to Dodgeball that you are at CoolPartyPlace. A post is generated on your Blogger blog, inviting others to come meet you. Google then sends individual directions (Google Maps) to everyone’s Gmail accounts including basic information on CoolPartyPlace (via Google Web Search). In addition to directions and venue information, Google supplies everyone with social information of all the people planning to come meet you (via Orkut/Dodgeball data). As you are waiting, you can flip through your cellphone and look at images of the people coming (orkut portrait) – of course, its based on proximity (Dodgeball’s 10 mile radius) so you can know who is coming first.

After meeting up, you come home and you see in your gmail inbox the links to everyone’s blogs that you met and you are automatically added to everyone’s orkut network.

Update: Looks like someone is really happy.

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