Yesterday Yahoo! snatched up two more companies: and Dialpad. is a blog tracking service and a ping infrastructure. A ping service like is essentially a hub for the world’s blogs – almost every single blog software pings by default. is so tied into the blog network (Technorati, Feedster, PubSub all work with, that it would be much harder to recreate and made much more sense to purchase the service.

Dialpad is a VoIP provider. Yahoo’s purchase of Dialpad will allow them to offer VoIP service without relying on the service of another company. Yahoo will most likely leverage Dialpad’s VoIP services to improve Yahoo! Messenger.

Yahoo is moving real fast in order to integrate communication services into one single package.

Here’s how they are setting up to be the market leader in the communication space.

Communicate online and connect with people – Yahoo 360 + Yahoo Messenger
Share photos – Flickr
Communicate by Voice – Dialpad
Link to the world –
Track and Share information – + My Yahoo + RSS

Now combine all that communication with search. If I need to look for some information about a local sushi restaurant, I can check my local network for human recommendations, view photos, get some Yahoo local search information, see what is being said about the restaurant online and make the reservation on Yahoo Messenger.

Yahoo is taking it’s portal strategy to a higher level – communication and content creation services.

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