I’m not sure I understand what WebSourced is up to. I’ve been tracking Andy’s site for any glimpse of information about why Andy left and why there were so many high level employees leaving WebSourced recently. So today I check the site and notice a post titled “WebSourced and the Future of Interactive” – interesting, maybe they are finally going to clue us in into what is going on over there.

Instead, it’s an introduction to their new VP of Marketing, Keith Sturges. That’s a great piece of information and all, but what I really want to know is why Andy left. What is happening on his site? What is happening over at WebSourced? I didn’t come to Search Engine Lowdown for WebSourced PR. I think introducing their new interim VP is great, but why bombard us with random marketing and PR drivel?

WebSourced stripped all mention of Andy Beal on the web site and removed any acknowledgement of his work on the site.

I sure hope WebSourced gets a clue and rethinks what they are doing to one of the best sites on search engine marketing. Oh well, good luck Keith – you’ve got big boots to fill.

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