Should you go the do it yourself route?

DIY Web DesignEntrepreneurs are usually very talented people. They are go-getters, and they have a tendency to want to do everything themselves. However, especially for smaller businesses, this can be a mistake.

You yourself, being an entrepreneur are probably tempted to try to create a website yourself. Many business owners, especially those trying to cut costs, wonder if they could just create a website for themselves.

Many other business owners may already have website, and just need a company like us to re-design their website to offer it new life.

Do-it-yourself vs hiring a professional

The question of doing it yourself versus hiring a professional is entirely up to you. You need to decide what is right for you and your business. If it’s budget, read on. You may have a change of heart.

In our hometown of Roseville, CA there are many different types of businesses in the area. Some are bigger companies like the ones who have retail space at the fountains; some are at the Roseville Galleria Mall, etc. Many others are smaller mom and pop operations dispersed throughout our great town.

In my experience, it is mostly the mom and pop operations, the small business owners in Roseville that attempt to go the do-it-yourself route. However, nine times out of ten they will throw their hands up in frustration and give the web design job to us.

Many people get lost trying to get hosting setup or configuring the DNS of the domain, and of course the actual process of creating the website. Most of the time, the sites that I have seen clients do themselves tend to look amateurish. That’s not said to throw any insults around (and I’m sorry if it offends anyone). It’s just a reality we all have to face: deciding on doing something unfamiliar ourselves or hiring a professional.

Should you spend time on learning something that is completely foreign or should you hire a professional web designer, and focus on your core business?

Everyone is different. You must make that decision. We are just here to guide you and your business and give you unbiased information.

Would you do plumbing in your house?

The way I see it is if there was an issue with the plumbing in my home, I could learn how to fix it and do it myself.

However, it may take me hours and hours of trial and error, hours of youtube videos, several trips to home depot, many mistakes, and a lot of my time learning how to fix the issue.

Personally, I would never attempt to fix my plumbing. I would have a professional plumber do it.

Plumbing – and website are vital!

Also, many people seem to know someone that knows HTML, or has a nephew that can “build a website.” Why not just have him do it for a small fee, or possibly free?

The same example applies: If my neighbor Bob has done a tiny bit of plumbing work at his house, I’m not too sure if I would trust him to come over to my house and fix my plumbing issue – Even if he offered to do it for free!

I would still want a professional to do it because the end product is extremely important – I need working plumbing for my home! It is imperative to my living environment. Likewise, the end product – your website, is vital for the functioning of you business.

Amateurish sites vs professionally designed websites

The point is, regardless of the fact that it is easier to build websites nowadays with the website builders and WYSIWYG builders like Wix and other builders, you still need to know how to actually design a website!

There is a dramatic difference between someone who has created 100 websites and someone who hasn’t built any websites, whether using a site builder or coding it by hand. The website set up by the novice usually lacks that professional touch and the design aspects that you would expect from a good website.

I’ve seen over and over again, people that have never designed a website try to use Wix or another popular “do-it-yourself” website builder. Almost every time, the websites just look awful. They look very amateurish.

If you had a professional web designer use Wix (though we never would because WordPress is so much better), the professional web site designer would create a much more polished website than “that person you know” or anyone who does not do web design for a living.

The dirty little Wix secret

The dirty little secret that Wix and other web site builders don’t want you to know is that you still need to have an eye for design to create a decent website using their platform.

If you give an average everyday person Wix and tell them to create a website, they will most likely have a hard time with it. Sure there is a learning curve associated with learning the functionality of a web site builder, but it is doable to learn in a couple of weeks. What we are talking about here is they will have a hard time in the design process. Many people get frustrated and don’t like the way their site turned out when they do it themselves.

Or worse, they attach their ego to their design and they think it looks good when it really doesn’t. Sometimes it takes an honest friend to tell them that their website doesn’t look too hot.

Be honest about your abilities

However, maybe you have an excellent eye for design. Perhaps you can create a professionally looking site, even though you haven’t had much web design experience under your belt. If that is you, great!

The reality is that this is not typically the case for most business owners.

At the end of the day, you need to be honest with yourself. Do you have good design abilities? Will you have honest friends or a spouse that can tell you your website looks godawful if it is?

Is it worth spending the time on learning and creating a website, when it may not look as clean, polished and professional as one of Social Patters professional web designers can do?

It is only you who can make the decision that is right for you and your business. If you are still not sure, don’t hesitate to call, text or email us! We are here locally in Roseville, ready to answer any web design, marketing or SEO questions you may have!