Dan Gillmor of Grassroots Media just launched HonorTags – basically another way to tag posts to describe the context of an author. (via Joi Ito)

Supposedly HonorTags will help readers find relevant/trustworthy content and increase control over how creators are identified. All you have to do is link to the HonorTags page using one of the many HonorTags, for example:

<a href=”http://honortags.com/HonorTagJournalism” rel=”tag”>HonorTagJournalist</a>

Seems to me like this is just a ploy to build some easy links. Technorati already offers tag aggregation using the same syntax and the HonorTags adds nothing new. Why would I need or want to use the HonorTags system?

Seriously, what is the point here?

I can tag this post HonorTagSpammer or HonorTagJournalism or any made up tag but how does that help you? Does tagging my content with HonorTags somehow make me more trustworthy or more accurate? I don’t think so and I don’t think you do either. Its up to you to decide what you consider is trustworthy and professional – some useless tag is not going to persuade you otherwise.

When did tags start replacing action-based credibility?

I recommend reading what Danny Sullivan had to say about tagging – he explains that while tags are useful in some situations, they have some very serious limitations.

Maybe I don’t get the idea behind HonorTags, so if anyone does – please leave me a comment.

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