MarketerToday explains why targetting the correct keywords can enhance customer relationship.

Larry realized more qualified traffic to his site specifically because he, like, utilized keywords that said what they did.

I’m sure all professional SEMs know how to target keywords, but I really like how this ties into blogging and transparency.

Customers are out there searching and you can strengthen your relationship with them by optimizing for their search. Communicate clearly what you offer, and they will find you again and again, book mark your site, inquire, purchase and come back!

Customers are creating a relationship with your company the moment they arrive on your site. Attracting traffic through unrelated keywords destroys relationships. Why waste resources only to antagonize your audience?

Blogging is all about the conversation and the transparency conveyed through your voice.

SEM is exactly the same – aim for transparency – keywords that truthfully describe the services/products offered. Give customers what they are seeking and you will be building great relationships.

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