Spotted this top from GoogleGuy over at WebmasterWorld:

If you send in a reinclusion request, you’ll get an automatic reply with a tracking number in the subject. For best results, if you need to discuss that site in the future, it’s best to reply to that email instead of mailing with new messages. Replying to the message keeps the same tracking number, so that the person who evaluates the site for reinclusion will get the complete correspondence about your site. If you send lots of disconnected emails so that you’ve got lots of different tracking numbers, the person who is evaluating the site for reinclusion won’t have the fullest picture available to them.

It’s always good to keeping a single email thread going whenever you are dealing with support. Especially with Google and Yahoo, at times it may be tough to get good customer support. As search engine marketers, we are tied in so closely with the search engines, inevitably we will have to interact with search engine customer support when something goes wrong. Depending on the situation, we may need to go through many channels of customer support – AdWords support, Google Webmaster support, AdSense support, Developer support, etc.

How you communicate your problem and how you interact with your customer support will influence how your request is processed.

Here are a couple tips for getting better customer support.

Remember that there is a human on the other end. The initial email you receive will most likely be automated. But eventually someone will respond to you personally. Their sole purpose is to help you, so be nice and treat them with respect. Naturally, the better you treat customer support, the better they will treat you.

Stay positive. Google receives tons of support requests a day, so they may not get back to you in a timely manner. But that is no reason to start off negatively. Sooner or later they will get back to you and if you express a dislike for their process, you’ll start off bad with the customer support.

Keep track of all communication. You never know when you’ll need it and it will come in handy if the customer support needs to get a history of any previous problems.

Do not threaten the support. Starting off with a threat will just delay your request. Remember these are huge corporations and unless you are very important threats are useless. All they do is piss off the person trying to help you. These people have work queues, so who do you think they are going to help first? The nice and kind customer or the one threatening them?

Provide descriptive information but be concise. Many search engine support requests are very technical in nature, so its best to supply as much relevant information in your request as you can. The extra information will help customer support get to the solution faster and minimize unneeded emails. Think about including a URL to some screenshots or even a screencast. Although descriptive information is helpful, try and avoid overly wordy requests. Be concise. These people have to read through plenty of emails so make it easy on them. Use bullets and text formatting to make your request crystal clear.

Be patient. As we all know – every aspect of search engine marketing requires patience, especially customer support.

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