Ask your parents to look at the SERPs and ask them to point out if those results on Google are ads or organic rankings. It’s not so surprising to think that they wouldn’t know the difference.

Sure, they are older and less tech-savvy, but would you be surprised to find that 50% of adults don’t know the difference?

A recent Ofcom survey is showing this. I am skeptical of the findings though, that the numbers are this high. I know there are a good amount of people that don’t know the difference, but 50%? I don’t think it is that high for the whole population.

You have to be wary of studies like these, especially questionnaire-based studies. The questions and delivery of these questions can have a significant impact on the results.

In statistics where n is your sample size, if it is too small, it can give bad results. Why? You simply can’t make generalizations unless the sample size is sufficient to represent the entire population. In this study, there were 160 “newer” users and 1,113 “older” users. This is a small sample size.

Key takeaways – There is probably some truth to this study. However, in the real world, I am not so sure that it is this high. You should take studies with a grain of salt, especially ones with a small sample size.

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