What Exactly Is SEO?

What is Search Engine OptimizationHere in Roseville, clients often come into our office and ask us about starting an SEO campaign for their business. Many are familiar with the buzzword: SEO, but many don’t exactly know what SEO is or what is involved in Search Engine Optimization. We often hear the question: So, what is SEO exactly?

I will attempt to explain what SEO is, without using any of the confusing industry jargon. Well, at least I will try to break down what the jargon means. So here we go.

SEO In A Nutshell

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In a nutshell, SEO is the art and science of achieving higher organic search engine rankings and overall higher organic traffic levels.

SEO is a small subset of the whole digital marketing landscape, yet is one of the most important channels for most businesses. It focuses on achieving free organic traffic from major search engines like Google.

Organic rankings mean that your web page is ranking on its merit, rather than in an advertising spot. Organic rankings are preferable over paid advertising for many reasons. For one, organic rankings are more cost effective in the long run compared to paid advertising. They also yield more clicks and can skyrocket a company’s sales.

Don’t let the term “free organic traffic” fool you, though. There can be a significant cost associated with SEO. There is usually an upfront cost with starting an SEO campaign, along with a recurring cost to sustain it.

However, once you achieve organic search engine rankings, you can enjoy consistent, free traffic, day after day (with proper maintenance). Getting traffic from most other strategies would result in much higher costs in the long term compared to SEO. The reason is that for example with paid advertising, you sustain the traffic by paying for each click. You have to pay continuously for the traffic, day after day, which adds up to quite a bit.

How do you do SEO? – The SEO Process in a Nutshell

Search Engine Optimization ProcessThe best way to explain how we implement SEO strategies is to give a very general overview of the various aspects of SEO. Here is our SEO process in a nutshell:

  1. Research: This is arguable the most important aspect of SEO. To have an effective SEO campaign, the proper keyword research and competitive analysis must be implemented. Also, we analyze your companies business model, industry, website and any other information we need to structure an SEO strategy.
  2. Analytics and Setting Goals: As with any good SEO campaign, we must first of all set goals, and second of all, we must measure the results. How can you know the SEO is working without setting goals and measuring results.
  3. Content Development and Strategy: Any SEO strategy worth its salt will include an awesome Content strategy. Content is the heart and soul of search engine optimization. Good content is the way that people come to find you in the search engines. People have answers, you provide the information. Its a win win for Google and your company. For this reason, content is a long term winning strategy and helps boost your search engine optimization efforts.
  4. On Page Optimization: After doing keyword research and developing content, then the next step is to optimize each page for keywords we uncovered durring the keyword research process. This process is incredibly important becauase it helps Googles search engine bots to properly crawl, understand and finally index your website and each individual web page on your site. It helps google rank your site in the search engine results for any given query.
  5. Off page Optimization – Link Building / Social Signals: The off page optimization includes things like link building and social media marketing. Natual links and social signals, are signs to Google that your website is popular and relevent. Backlinks can have a lot of power in the search optimization efforts.
  6. Analysis and Reporting: Finally analyzing the SEO campaign can help in further strategies. It can give us signals on what to keep doing, when to pivot our directions, or how well the SEO campaign is going.

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SEO is a challenging field to wing it unless you have years of experience. SEO is much, much more than simple on-page optimization and a little bit of link building.

There are so many factors that come together to create results. You cannot just have one aspect and expect your website to earn more traffic. To maximize your traffic, rankings and revenues, you must employ the full spectrum of SEO strategies.

We are here in Roseville to help any business owner to get on the right track. Let the experts handle the most important aspect of your business – the search engine rankings and traffic. Whether you need some basic advice, or you want to have our SEO experts create a fantastic SEO campaign for your company, the Social Patterns team is here to help.

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