Although it’s been speculated that Google is manually spot checking some of its rankings, this is the first time we’ve seen any evidence. (via Slashdot)

Since Henk van Ess’s site is being Slashdotted – I’m putting up a mirror of the flash movie from Google’s Secret Evaluation Lab. I hope this isn’t a hoax.

But if it is true, Google’s evaluation lab may be signaling a move towards TrustRank – with the evaluation lab responsible for picking out the seed sites and testing rankings.

I’ve noticed that Google has been hiring “Quality Raters” and “Quality Evaluators” recently.

In particular, applicants will be asked to draw on experience living, studying, and keeping in touch with a country’s (web) culture and language.

Most likely these people will be rating the quality of AdSense and AdWords ads, but the listings do sound like Google is looking for some focus groups. Obviously, this is just speculation.

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