Jason Dowdell thinks search engine optimization spammers are remix artists.

Using other people’s creative works to produce your own creative work is the essence of remixing. When done right the results are amazing and can be found in all forms of media. From dangermouse to Tarantino, we’re all familiar with the results of good remixes. But I see another form of remixing most people don’t understand and may not agree with me on. I think seo spammers are remix artists of sorts, at least these days anyway.

I agree in part with Jason – content remixing is an art. Take a look at Technorati’s Live 8 page. The page is a great example of content remixing. Blog posts are aggregated to form new content combined with important links. So by remixing other pieces of content, Technorati has created something new and useful. If you search for “live 8″, you’ll notice Technorati’s Live 8 page outranks the Live 8 homepage. Is this SEO spam? Or is this content remixing? Is it the same?


Compare Technorati’s Live 8 page to the many scraper sites. They both generate content dynamically, they both display advertisements, and they both were created to rank well in search engines.

So what’s the difference?

Scraper sites do not create anything for the public – no new value is brought to life through the scraper’s efforts. Content remixers use other people’s works to create a new experience. Scrapers recycle experiences.

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