GoogleGuy has two new dedicated threads over at WebmasterWorld.

The first is GoogleGuy’s Posts in which GoogleGuy is addressing the Bourbon update and a few other topics from that original thread.

Here’s a summary of all the points GoogleGuy covered so far:

  • Google uses an incremental index, so it is normal to expect change in the index daily.
  • Summer is when search traffic is lower, so Google likes to roll new things during that time.
  • Avoid using “&id=” with session IDs, Googlebot avoids URLs with this parameter.
  • Visible backlink update every 3-5 weeks, visible PageRank update every 3-4 months.
  • Visible backlink and PageRank updates are not related to backlink and PageRank counts for current rankings.
  • Google does not penalize for iframes or for javascript changing the status bar.
  • Google recommends using an absolute link to link to the root page.

The second thread is Questions for GoogleGuy. Drop by this thread and get your questions answered by GoogleGuy.

Update: Barry notices that GoogleGuy hates AdSense scrapers.

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