Looks like Google Print is live now. (via SEW)

For copyrighted books, Google is displaying only a couple pages regarding the context of the search. Depending on the publisher’s requests, Google will only display a couple sentences instead. Public Domain works are fully viewable online.

There are no advanced search options yet, right now the tool only searches for text in titles and in book content.

In addition to content search, Google Print offers:

Search again: Find more results for your original search terms in other parts of the book, or try a new search within the book.
Find reviews: Choose “About this Book,” then click “Web search for reviews” to find online reviews of the book.
Find related information: Choose “About this Book” and click on “Other web pages related to …” to find other websites that mention the book.
Learn about the publisher: Click through to the publisher’s website to find more books from that publisher.
Buy this book: Click on one of the online booksellers to go to directly to a page where you can buy the book.
Find it in a Library: If this book is a library book, you’ll be able to find a local library that has it by clicking “Find it in a Library” and entering your zip code.

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