The new Google sandbox has been out for a couple days now and I’m seeing a ton of spammy results.

Google turned up the domain authority way up in the new sandbox. Some on page stuff looks like it got tweaked higher too.

Update: Looks like topical relevancy got tweaked up also. One of our subdomains started ranking a lot better in caffeine vs live.

More notes:

  • Exact Domains = Win
  • Better semantic relationship detection
  • Unique domain links stronger
  • Universal search getting less prominence
  • Faster indexing
  • Time based results dropping faster

Update: Looks like results are starting to roll out. You’ll know if you see results that have been indexed within a couple minutes of going live.

Testing how Google is reacting to faster updates and refreshed content. As more and more factors are temporal based, Google is going to continue to favor relevant content that has been recently updated (it could be content update, backlink updates, or query rate changes).

Looks like Google still hasn’t released Caffeine live across the board. I’d expect to see some big announcement on the official blog when they do.

Update: Haiti & Google –

Update: So while there hasn’t been announcement about Caffeine yet, I’m seeing new page updates within 5 minutes on Google’s end. Fastest I’ve seen is 30 seconds (not including real-time which is a totally different thing). If you’ve been noticing a trend of small short updates, I’m testing something. Ignore me. Nothing going on here. Really nothing going on here.

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