On Monday, Findory launched their personalized advertising engine. Designed to serve ads based on reader behavior, Findory is offering personalization on both content and advertising fronts.

Findory is feeding personalized keywords into Google AdSense to generate highly targeted ads. These keywords change as you continue to use Findory and the ads become more personalized and targeted as Findory’s systems gather more data. Philipp notices that the variables google_kw_type and google_kw are being used in Findory’s AdSense code.

If you did not know, google_kw_type and google_kw are used in extreme cases for sites with targeting issues. I would not recommend adding these to your sites, because it is against the terms of service to use them without permission from the AdSense team.

Findory changes the keywords for google_kw each time a page is reloaded in order to serve the most targeted ads every time. Very cool and very innovative. Although google_kw and google_hints have been used before to serve targetted ads based on content. I believe Findory is the first company to target Google AdSense by reader behavior.

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