Found a link to Exalead through Seth Godin’s site.

Although Exalead’s results are not as relevant as the top search engines, Exalead is doing some interesting things on the presentation side.

In addition to normal search results, Exalead allows users to filter by related search terms, related categories (clustering), web site location (local search), and document type. Users can also restrict results to websites containing links to audio or video content.

All results have a thumbnail of the homepage.

But thats not all Exalead is experimenting with. Clicking on a result loads up the page in a bottom frame with the search terms highlighted on the page. This allows for quick scanning and a fast way to determine if the result is relevant to the initial search. If the page isn’t relevant, users have instant access to the search results.

Update: Exalead is a France based company and has indexed more than a billion web pages. Some more advanced features: regular expressions, search by word stem, sort by date.

Update #2: Looks like I missed this story from a while back. Barry talked about this back in January. Aaron linked this way back in Oct 2004.

Update #3: Gary Price tosses me some more links – 1, 2, 3, 4.

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