If you are using Movabletype or WordPress to power your blog, then most of the hardwork is already done.

Both these systems produce very clean default code and utilize header tags.

Basic SEO tips

However, there are a couple basic things you can do to improve the SEO of your blog.

  • Rewrite your urls – Clean up the dynamic urls with a rewrite. Use your keyword rich post title in the url.
  • Linearize your content – Move your content higher up in your code. Search engines place greater weight on text found near the beginning of your page. Use css to layout your site.
  • Use Categories – Break up your site into categories. This automatically creates on-topic minihubs of content.

Optimize Dynamically

What do I mean by optimize dynamically? Utilize templates in your blogging software to your advantage.

For example, you could create three templates – one for your homepage, one for individual post pages and one for categories. For the homepage template you can optimize for a general set of keywords. For the individual pages template you would optimize using variables generated from the post title. For the categories template you would optimize around the category variable. This way every post in the future is automatically optimized.

If you spend the time to optimize templates for variables, every blog using the templates will be optimized – saving you alot of time.

Update: Forgot a really basic one. Make sure you change your title tag so that it displays relevant keywords (like your post title) before your site name.

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