If you don’t subscribe to SEM2 – I suggest you start now. Here’s a snippet from Andrew Goodman that you would have gotten if you were a subscriber.

By trading primarily in two-word broad matches, you are by definition
“tracking in buckets” and making the task of analysis, and knowing when
a keyword’s performance is statistically significant, easier. With a
lot of four-word broad matches, on any given one, you will either have
zero or one sales conversion, resulting in an ROI performance stat that
suggests the keyword is either utterly useless or utterly fantastic,
neither of which are true.

Keyword mining is important, but there is a point of diminishing
returns, especially on long phrases. Finding different lateral paths to
consumers’ thought processes — using inductive and deductive logic to
piece together what works so you can find more, similar little Eurekas
– is something I’ve been doing since AdWords launched. Unfortunately I
suspect that like any “should do” business task, some of us get
overzealous with it.

Andrew Goodman, the PPC guru, regularly responds to the mailing list – as do many other well known search engine marketing experts. I highly recommend signing up for this list.

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