Amazon’s A9 has improved its interface and added some new features. (via SEW) I’m really liking the AJAX feel and the new location of the check boxes.

Here’s the list of changes:

  • More Intuitive Search Column Selection: The
    buttons on the right have been replaced with checkboxes on the top.
    These checkboxes let you choose what to search. The checkboxes appear
    not only on the search results page, but also on the home page, so you
    can decide in advance what to search.
  • Easier Access to Additional Search Columns:
    In addition to checkboxes for the default set of searches, a “More
    Choices” dropdown provides easy access to additional searches. (The
    contents of this menu will change over time.) You can also use the menu
    to access over 200 additional OpenSearch columns.
  • Personalized Tools on the Home Page:
    Your History, Your Bookmarks, Your Diary, and Discover are shown on the
    home page only when you turn them on. These tools are only shown when
    you are signed in.
  • Location Search: The Yellow
    Pages location box opens automatically if you check the Yellow Pages
    checkbox. This lets you enter the location before you search.
  • Single Column Mode:
    You can now set a preference to show only one column at a time, instead
    of showing multiple columns. You can enable this on the preferences page by selecting “Only one column can be open”. Only signed in users can change their preferences.
  • In Line Help on Preference page: The preferences> page now has in line explanations of some of the preferences.
  • More Vertical Space for Search Results: You can easily show and hide the column selectors on the search results page so that you can see more results.
  • Faster Site: The home page is now much smaller and loads faster.
  • Choice of Checkboxes or Buttons:
    Some of our users prefer the new checkboxes at the top of the page to
    select search results. Other users preferred the buttons of the classic
    web site. You can now choose either style on the preferences page.
  • Choice of Tabs or Multiple Tools on the home page:
    If you are signed in, you can choose between one tool at a time using
    tabs, or multiple tools in columns similar to the search results page.
    Or, if you prefer, you can hide the tools entirely.
  • Drag and Drop Changes:
    Drag and Drop to the bookmarks column is off by default on the search
    results page. Drag and Drop allows links from other columns to be
    dragged into the bookmarks column, making it easy to make any search
    result into a bookmark. However, some users found that it interfered
    with built in browser drag and drop which allows dragging links to
    other browsers. You can turn Drag and Drop on in the preferences page or at the bottom of the Your Bookmarks column.
  • Fixed redirect bug that made it appear that the site had an error if the search result site was unavailable.
  • Opera 8.0 support: Columns can be resized in Opera 8.0.

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