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Optimizing for Google

Google is the most commonly used search engine with the most market share. Google delivers the most traffic out of any other search engine. Since Google is the 500-pound gorilla out of the major search engines, people in the SEO community tend to focus on Google.

It makes sense to focus on Google for your website optimization strategies. With that said, you shouldn’t completely dismiss all other search engines. You should keep an eye open for other up-and-coming search engines such as duck-duck-go or other new technologies that make may become popular in the future.

For example, local SEO used to be all about ranking your website on Google. Now it’s important to focus on yelp as well because this new platform has become very popular with consumers in their search for businesses.

Optimizing across the board

When optimizing your website, you are typically optimizing based on the best practices that Google has laid out. Or you are optimizing your site best practices that other people have figured out when testing different SEO strategies.

Just because you’re focusing on Google does not mean you will suffer in other search engines. When you focus on white hat SEO and on following Google’s recommendations, you’re also likely to perform well on other search engines.

It is true that other search engines may have different algorithms and different ways that they rank web pages. The discrepancy is apparent by using two separate search engines, side by side, for the same search query. You will likely get different results.

In general, you should focus your search engine optimization strategies for Google by focusing on creating white hat SEO and following Google’s best practices. If you follow best practices, you should perform well across the board, on various search engines.

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