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Looks like Chat for Gmail is being updated and for some reason I’m only seeing Gtalk for Gmail on Internet Explorer. Any firefox users seeing the new interface? (Popups on hover over contacts)

Chat with your friends from right inside Gmail. There’s no need to load a separate program or look up new addresses. It’s just one click to chat with the people you already email, as well as anyone on the Google Talk network. And now you can even save and search for chats in your Gmail account.

We’ve started rolling this out to all Gmail accounts, so yours should have it soon. It’s good to chat. Learn more

7 thoughts on “Gmail Gtalk Chat

  1. from a primarily Firefox user, thanks for the heads-up!

    however, I don’t see the interface in IE either – when you say “Popups on hover over contacts”, on which screen do you mean? I’ve tried hovering on Gmail contacts in the Inbox, Contacts (Frequently Mailed and All Contacts), and individual messages

    perhaps the roll-out just hasn’t hit me yet

    thanks for any tips!

    (discovered your post via the great Blogger Web Comments plugin :)

  2. Norman:

    Thanks for the tip – It just started working for me over the weekend. I guess my account wasn’t fully activated for chat .


    Once your account has been activated, you can hover your mouse over a contact name and a popup will display showing chat options.

  3. how do i down load g talk + download. please guide me how to go about it
    is there any link as such where i can donload the g talk
    please revert me at the earliest to my g mail add as well to my other id at

  4. I saw a similar post about this on another blog so it just goes to show you that it is a small world after all (I hate that Disney ride).

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