IR Theory and SEO

Randfish from SEOmoz is highlighting the debate over at SEW involving the value of IR formulas its relation to SEO.

I’ve been keeping track of these threads and this is my summary with regards to SEO:

  • C-Index should be used as a guideline to calculating semantic connectivity – Not a perfect measure.
  • EF-Ratios is a good indicator of keyword competiveness but proper analysis requires a review of competing websites.
  • Fractal Summarization – I’ve found that the methods in these papers extend to copy writing.

The search engine technology forums on SEW and SEOchat are a must read. If you are optimizing without understanding the theory behind search engine technology and how search engines retrieve/rank information, then eventually you’ll find yourself trying to catch up.

Here’s some good reading:
Measuring the Connections between Words – Semantic Analysis & Clustering
Local Popularity vs. Global Popularity
Advanced On/Off-Page Optimization for Engines using Semantic Analysis

One thought on “IR Theory and SEO

  1. The developed metrics are tools, not silver bullets.

    Most SEOs that criticize these metrics don’t really have a clear understanding of the underlying co-occurrence and semantic theory or even how the different query modes involved actually work.


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