Yahoo Offers Search for Subscription Content

Announced yesterday, Yahoo is offering search for subscription content. Through a partnership with several popular content providers (like, Consumer Reports, Forrester, etc.), Yahoo! Search Subscriptions enables you to search content from news and reference sites that are normally not accessible to search engines.

The search results are displayed in the same format as normal web search.

One thought on “Yahoo Offers Search for Subscription Content

  1. There was also this there. This makes it very easy to join this network. I think that they will have a huge network in no time!

    For publishers
    Interested in making your content searchable by your subscribers via Yahoo! Search Subscriptions

    By partnering with Yahoo! Search, publishers can provide an additional convenience to their readers by making subscription content more accessible. If you represent a publisher who is interested in participating in Yahoo! Search Subscriptions, please provide your information below and a Yahoo! Search representative will contact you.

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