WebPosition Banned

WebPosition, one of the leading web ranking and optimization applications, has been de-indexed by Google. Webposition.com and Webpositiongold.com are both showing up as not found in Google. Both domains are returning zero indexed pages. A “link:” command shows no incoming links.

Google may be cracking down on companies that have been automating queries. Instead of opting to block IPs Google may have decided to drop WebPosition’s site from their index.

A couple months ago GoogleGuy issued a warning over at WebmasterWorld:

Recently, we’ve started to improve the software, and it can also detect lots of things like rank checking and other automatic queries to Google. Of course, we don’t show the message to everybody that comes onto our radar, but our new software looks pretty good at detecting programmatic queries. If you’re using WebPosition or other software that sends queries to Google from a program, I’m not surprised if you’re going over a threshold where your queries are on the radar.

If you do see this message, I would recommend not sending so many queries to Google–the volume or type of queries are unusual enough that it’s attracting greater scrutiny from us. If you avoid sending queries to Google from a program, you’ll be as right as rain.

Best wishes,

If anyone else is seeing this or if they think there is something else behind it – leave a comment!

22 thoughts on “WebPosition Banned

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  8. hmm

    what do u think:

    site:yoursite.com – 57-70k
    link:yoursite.com – 1200
    info:yoursite.com – 0
    and dropped traffic from google

    is it the same situation? or something else and how to repair this ?

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  11. So if a competitor decides to send a high volume of queries for your website to Google with a programme like Webposition they can get you delisted? Seems like a major flaw in Googles thinking on this one

  12. No, Google does not want you automating quering Google. So if they can track the queries back to the IP the queries are coming from and figure out that IP belongs to a certain site, they might punish your site.

    You can’t affect someone elses site using a program like Webposition.

  13. Sorry about commenting on an older post, but I read this entry with interest. Webpositions main rival, Web CEO also had their site banned from Google around the same time.

    They have told me they expect to be back in the index soon, and that the problem was affiliates producting duplicate copies of their website. Perhaps this was part of the problem with Webposition, who were (and still are) give away a template of their website to all affiliates?

  14. It looks like webposition is back in the index, although googles cache says it was last cached in august. Has anyone seen sites that use WEB CEO or webpostion gold get banned??

    I have a few new clients that state they have done nothing “blakchat” but have been banned by Google.

  15. Hi Guys,

    This post is an example of why the intra-webs should not be trusted for the most accurate of reporting…

    WebPosition.com was removed from Google many, many, many moons ago.

    They even wrote about it a few years ago:

    Yes it does appear to be back.. well just the domain for now anyway.

    The risk is that you might get your IP address blocked (think of it like caller ID from your internet sevice provider) if you go crazy with automated searches because every search you perform leaves an IP address with it.

    So if you search on 1000′s of terms in a few minutes time… you are either using an automated search product or you are sharing a network between several computers. This block can stop you from searching for a few minutes, hours, etc. from an engine.

    For example:

    Unless your website is being hosted from the same computer or IP address that you are using that automated tool from your site is not going to be banned.

    This is what Google says about WebPosition that causes all of the controversy (from the link above):
    “Don’t use unauthorized computer programs to submit pages, check rankings, etc. Such programs consume computing resources and violate our Terms of Service. Google does not recommend the use of products such as WebPosition Gold™ that send automatic or programmatic queries to Google.”

    But don’t get me wrong…
    Google would never ever… use an automated search tool themselves to scrape results from other websites:

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  17. our old site was de-indexed and i think it was probably due to our use of the web position gold 4. i never liked the auto submission aspect of the program, but my boss thinks he is saving money! :) i hand submit everything. yes this is tedious, but it needs to be done, whether by a program or a human.

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