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You might have noticed that I have a Web CEO advertisement running on my sidebar now – I agreed to post my own honest review of Web CEO as part of the the advertisement deal.

So for the past couple weeks, I’ve been using the Professional Unleashed version of Web CEO for various seo/sem tasks – specifically for keyword research, rank checking, and link analysis.

Web CEO is a suite of 10 seo tools:

  • Research Keywords
  • Optimize Pages
  • Edit Pages
  • Submit URLs
  • Check Rankings
  • Analyze Link Popularity
  • Get Traffic Reports
  • Upload Files Using FTP
  • Control Site Quality
  • Monitor Site Uptime

Out of the ten tools, I really only used three – research keywords, check rankings, and analyze link popularity.

Research Keywords

This tool reminds me of Wordtracker with a much better interface and a few less features. You can search for variations on an initial keyword phrase and the tool returns related keywords, daily searches, competition count, and kei. After building up a keyword list, you can then see what sites google returns for each keyword search and each site’s pagerank. Pretty useful for doing a real quick competition analysis.

Check Rankings

This tool is your basic rank checker with history and a nicer layout. You have the option of sorting the report by keyword or search engine, making it real easy to compare results. The history feature is a big improvement compared to other free tools – many do not allow you to save a history of your previous reports. Color coding is nice too.

Analyze Link Popularity

I liked this tool alot. Similar to some other free tools but this one allowed me to view the data in various formats. This tool does a backlink check on a site and saves the anchor text, referrer, and page. Most checks took a while, so I’m assuming this tool actually scrapes the search engine results and the linking page. Good to look at how natural your links look and the variation on anchor text.


Overall I liked Web CEO but I doubt I’ll be using it regularly. There was no save feature on my copy of the software, so I was not able to save my data – sometimes history data was saved, sometimes it wasn’t. I believe a paid version of the software allows for exporting.

The other tools in the suite were fairly useless to me – I don’t need a new editor/ftp client and I don’t need help optimizing my sites.

For the tools I did use, I have access to better alternatives. For keyword research, Wordtracker offers a more expensive but more comprehensive tool for discovering related keywords. For rank checking and link popularity, I use in-house software.

Bottom line – Web CEO is a convenient place to access your basic tools. This is good suite for beginner seos without their own tools or do not want to go through the hassle of visiting several different free online tools. The keyword research tool, although basic, is easier to use and generally better than what you can find online for free. Organizing several projects is a breeze with Web CEO, so if you have problems keeping track of several campaigns, you might want to think about Web CEO.

I do recommend that everyone spend some time testing the software suite – the basic version of Web CEO is free.

10 thoughts on “Web CEO Review

  1. Hello Michael, was just over looking at your canonical URL stuff (wish google would get that sorted once and for all) and found this review. I published a really in-depth WebCEO review a few weeks ago. I’ve been using WebCEO off and on for the last couple of years so I know the program quite well.

    One of the biggest issues is data integrity. It takes a lot of time to get WebCEO up and running with many projects and there is no guarantee that you’ll be keeping your data unless you follow special backup routines. Otherwise, I’m rather more upbeat on the tools.

  2. I haven’t had any issues with data integrity yet, but I have been hearing that is a reoccuring issue.

    The tools are great, I’d recommend everyone download the free version and give Web CEO a test run.

  3. The keyword research is done by collecting the words found in the keyword meta tag of the top 20 websites in Google, Yahoo, MSN. This isn’t nearly as useful as knowing what real people search for. (tested free version 6.0)

  4. From my comprehensive testing of AdWeb, WebPosition, IBP, Arelis, Web CEO is definitely the best.

    What I absolutely love about Web CEO is their ranking tool which makes rankings analysis very easy. Historical data and in-depth reports just add to it.

    The link analysis tool is my second favorite. It’s the best tool of this kind I’ve seen. If you know any free services that are as good as it is, let me know.

    The keywords tool is worse than Wordtracker’s IMHO but it doesn’t cost a fortune like WT and it has some features WT is missing so you may consider getting daily or weekly subs as needed to back up WebCEO.

  5. I am also using the Free version of Web CEO. I think it is good for basic SEO, but for creating linking partners, it is a little slow, and needs to be more user friendly.

  6. I HATE WebCEO because there are HIDDEN COSTS that you don’t find out about until after the trial period is up. I’m pretty fed up with dishonest tactics, such as hidden fees, being thought of as shrewd business practices. Selling people software and then telling them 3 months later that their software will no longer work properly unless they pay $30 a month is not shrewd, it’s sleazy. Quite frankly, the software is not even worth the initial price, so I wonder if most of the positive reviews this PIECE OF JUNK receives are from people who work for WebCEO? I wouldn’t put such a sleazy tactic past a company that uses extortionary tactics like telling you your new software won’t work unless you start paying them a monthly fee.

  7. I have been using WebCEO for almost a year now and have had much SEO success following their optimization analysis reports, which tell you how to tweak your keyword density, frequency, proximity and prominence. Their ranking and inbound link analysis tools are very helpful as well. The only thing I am not sure about is the accruacy of their keyword statistics. I have several listings on the top of the 1st page of search engines for keywords that WebCEO claim thousands of daily world searches. I haven’t seen much success with these rankings. Overall WebCEO has many tools that an SEO Specialist needs.

  8. Well WebCEO hidden costs are really bad!! Hundreds a month if you use all, $37 just for those daily updates that are free with basic free version. They hide somewhere in contract. Just use the free version but never pay them anything. If you do your data is stuck in pay version.

  9. I’m currently looking for an SEO tool suite. WebCEO looks like the top candidate and reading the primarily positive reviews on this site only reinforces this. However the negative reviews also have merit, I don,t know the additional monthly costs but from the negative reviews i understand that in can run in the $100′s. What are the alternatives out there? I don’t want 10-15 different tools. I would prefer all-in-one, but can accept 2-3 different if necesary – does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks, I appreciate any suggestions. Michael

  10. I agree – Web CEO (Theoretically) is a great tool, but I too am tired of being held hostage to the ‘database’ update scheme. My reports are worthless unless I fork over the $$ to renew – over and over! On top of the hefty fee for the software itself.

    Even when I pay the ransom, my reports STILL have errors, and I’m often blocked from Google searches for a day or two.

    Looking for an alternative.

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