v7ndotcom elursrebmem

What is v7ndotcom elursrebmem?

v7ndotcom elursrebmem are the keywords John Scott has picked for V7N SEO Contest. If you reverse the keywords around, you’ll notice they spell out the words “members rule”.

Why v7ndotcom elursrebmem?

From John Scott:

The keywords I chose indicate the value this community places upon community. The v7n community has always been, in my opinion, a couple notches above other forums where community is involved.

What are the rules of SEO Contest

1. In order to win the first prize, you must place first in Google (organic rankings) for the search term on May 15, 2006, noon, Pacific standard time.

2. Prizes for 2nd place through 5th place will be awarded based on web page placing in the corresponding positions in Google on May 15, 2006, noon, Pacific standard time.

3. For the purpose of this competition, indented listings in the SERPs will not be counted.

4. In order to qualify for the prize, a web page must include one of the following:

a. A link back to the V7N home page.

The link can be in any manner you wish, any anchor text you wish, with nofollow, without nofollow, JavaScript, cloaked or fried up and served with potatoes.

b. One of these Official V7n SEO Contest banners:

The banners may link to V7N, or not link to V7N. Linking the banner to any domain other than v7n will disqualify the contestant.

Just to make this very clear, the banner may be unlinked. You do not need to link the banner graphic to v7n. For those who do not speak English: you do not need to link el-banner-o to v7n-o.

c. The following text:

We support v7n.com

Basically attain the top rank for v7ndotcom elursrebmem and place some sort of message supporting V7N.

What are the prizes?

First Prize: $4000 + Ipod
Second Prize: $500
Third Prize: $100
Fourth Prize: $100
Fifth Prize: $100

Greg Boser, Todd Friesen, and Mike Grehan are also adding cash prizes if you are willing to follow a couple more rules.

Extra rules?

In addition to ranking for v7ndotcom elursrebmem, you’ll need to:

1. Place a link to the non-www version of Matt’s blog (http://mattcutts.com/blog.

In order to be eligible for the cash, your site will need to show up in a backlink search conducted on the day the contest ends. (We will use Yahoo’s Site Explorer to verify compliance.)

2. Use one of the non-link alternatives for the duration of the contest. (We will track and logs linking sites in order to determine eligibility).

v7ndotcom elursrebmem News

People have already started developing entries for the v7ndotcom elursrebmem contest. Yahoo is already showing more than 350+ entries for “v7ndotcom elursrebmem”. Threadwatch is covering a new google UI test showing Google Base entries for “v7ndotcom elursrebmem”. Even Danny Sullivan can’t ignore the contest like he thought.

Damn — just when I thought I could ignore the latest SEO contest, it does something interesting.

I’m betting the one with the best viral marketing campaign wins.

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  1. 2005/12/20: John Scott at V7N announces SEO Contest 2006/01/15: John Scott announces keywords of V7ndotcom elursrebmem … and this site had exclusive live coverage (via the paint dry webcam) of the incredibly exciting 2 hours before/after the release of the keywords – choose either the 9 second abbreviated and/or 28 second expanded time lapse video. John also amended his rules so alternatives to the linking requirement are available. I’ll update the rules above once the other sponsors chime in and the dust settles. 2006/01/16: Got a PR8 (yowsers!) link today from someone who wishes to remain anonymous. Greg Boser from WebGuerrilla has posted re-affirming his tossing in $1,000 for the contest and ditto for the other $1,000 each from Todd and Mike. Has been interesting to see how the search engines handle the influx of websites with V7ndotcom Elursrebmem in ‘em. First, they have to “find” you … which they do with their spiders. In the 24 hours after this page went live, I counted the number of times the various SE spiders came by (yes, I did reverse lookups since people spoof the User-Agent) and the number of hits on this page and the top-level W-P-D page were 10/1 by Googlebot, 6/3 by Yahoo!Slurp, and 0/3 by Msnbot. They then have to “digest” the spidered data, add it into the search index, and then push the results out to the bazillions of data centers. So 24 hours after the announcements, here are some screen shots: MSN with 0 results, Google with 10 results (no sign of this page … yet!), and Yahoo with 274 results … with this page currently #1 – YAHOOOOO – now I just need some Google love! ;-) 2006/01/17: Looks like the big “G” gave me some love – several datacenters are showing this page is #2 outa 12,600 results … Ho-Ho-Ho! Dropped to #2 outa 741 in Yahoo – ironically, a web site supporting me is now #1. And MSN still has zero results. And the site that is currently #1 in Google (v7ndotcomelursrebmem.net) wrote to me this morning “if my site ended up first then I would give half of the V7N $4000 first prize which would be $2000 to you and probably give the other half of the money to a local charity here. You can quote me on that.”now THAT is a classy move. I would have them send that $2,000 not to me of course, but directly to the Center for Celiac Research 2006/01/18: Free iPod Giveaway! If I win that 30 Gbyte iPod, I decided a good way to handle that is to have a random drawing of all folks who sent me PR6 or higher links and give it away. I haven’t read about ANYBODY doing this yet, but expect some copy-catting pretty quickly. Also had our first hacking attempts. And on Day 3, this page is #1 in Google outa 32,500, #1 in Yahooo outa 12,900, and MSN has … ZERO results – where are you Bill? Update: MSN is showing some results now (surprising that it took more than 3 days) and the top-level W-P-D URL is ranked #14 out of 41,216 results – doesn’t appear to have index’ed this contest page yet. I’ve added the contest stats section above to track/consolidate data presented here along with a count of hits on therobots.txt file per a suggestion from Mr. Robot – this is a psuedo measurement of search engine interest.Also added unique IP’s and inbound search engine requests for thev7ndotcom elursrebmem term.And get ready for a full-on PR assultby the Canadian Mounties Thursday morning! ;-) 2006/01/19:Lots of Emails from people wanting tohelp out … and thanx to a supporter from the Canadian Rockies, a Press Release went out this morning that got widespread distributionon sites such as Yahoo.2006/01/20:Google has this page #2/235,000and Yahoo has it #1/254,000… great start 5 days into the contest. No sign in MSN, but it had previousely index’ed the top-level URL, so I just don’t think it has found the contest page yet. As implied by the dates on the stats table, the initial flurry is about over as we honker down for the 4 month contest … so while I’ll continue to track things closely, expect less frequent updates here. 2006/01/23:Number of Google results is about half a million, and while this page hasdropped a two spots, MSN now has it #2 and Yahoo #1 … looking good aswe settle down for the long haul. Jeff over at Syndic8 was nice enought to send a PR8 link to us which is awesome.And while we’re all tired of seeing “million dollar home page” copycats, there is an absolutely hilariousv7ndotcom elursrebmem pixel site – go check it out!2006/01/25:Google has this page #5/960,000.The mud-slinging in the SEO community has started early and deep as jealousy is rearing it’s ugly head – I guess some of them would rather the $7,000 go into their pockets than to charity – just motivates me more to win this for a good cause. I have gotten several really nice Emails from folks with Celiac who want to help out. Yahoo backliks are now over 5,000. And I put the HULK in front of the webcam – here is some time-lapse vidoe 9 seconds and 45 seconds.

  2. Very nice blog I wish you the best of luck in this seo contest.
    All though this v7ndotcom elursrebmem seo contest is starting to look like a back link race if
    you check the front runner back links you will see what I mean.

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