Search Marketing Standard – Issue 2

Boris Mordkovich, Publisher of Search Marketing Standard, emailed me today letting me know that the 2nd issue of Search Marketing Standard is hitting the printers within a week and will be out in August.

The first issue contained less content than most expected, but this upcoming issue will be significantly larger.


This time, it will be 30% larger than its predecessor and will contain more intermediate to advanced material as our readers have requested.

5 thoughts on “Search Marketing Standard – Issue 2

  1. Yes, the 1st issue was heavy on glossy ads, light on content. However, as a start-up I’m sure they are working out the kinks. I am hopeful that this can be an up-to-date resource that SEMs can turn to for additional tips (if they aren’t too old by the time it hits the stands).

  2. The Spring 2007 issue is out. I just subscribed… but am in the UK so hopefully it will get to me before the information becomes out of date!

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