MSN Allowing Webmasters to Opt Out of ODP Descriptions

For some time now, search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN have been using ODP (Dmoz) descriptions for search engine results descriptions. These descriptions are supplied by human editors overseeing the ODP. Although usually relevant and valuable, these descriptions at times are outdated, unrelated, and even incorrect.

Webmasters have been asking for a way to opt out of these ODP search engine results descriptions and MSN is the first engine to offer a solution.

So what we did was introduce a new option at the page level – a robots meta tag – that tells the MSN search bot not to use the DMOZ site snippet. This is something that only can be done at Web page level, by a webmaster, and is not done as part of the robot.txt file.

So in your Web page you’d put




Once MSN’s crawler revisits your page, you should see the changes reflected in the search results.

So far MSN is the only engine to recognize the tag, but hopefully the other engines will follow MSN’s example.

2 thoughts on “MSN Allowing Webmasters to Opt Out of ODP Descriptions

  1. Hi Micheal! I hope that things are going well. I still really enjoy your site and check it often. In regards to the MSN results, what will they use for the description if they do not use ODP descriptions?

    Drop me an email sometime. It is alwyas good to stay in touch and build a good network of friends in the industry. No hard feelings about WIN. We knew what was going on, its all good. Everyone has to make tough decisions in life. We are doing well and cruising along. Its alot of work but it is more fun than working for someone else. That is definitely the best part of this. Anyways, I look forward to your response.

    Kind Regards,
    Miguel Salcido

  2. If you use WordPress there is a cool little plugin called robots meta which allows you to select this tag as you write your post!

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