Google’s New Old UI Tests

I’m sure everyone has been noticing new Google UI changes every now and then. Google tests interface changes at random regularly, so at times you might see a change that you haven’t seen before.

Lately, I’ve been seeing the same interface changes for my searches and that has got me wondering – Is Google getting ready to release a new interface?

This is what we’ve all grown used to.

This is what I’ve been seeing more and more of.

The sponsored links now have a color background (presumably to draw attention to the ads) . You’ll notice that there is an “interest” rating for each ad. The interest rating seems to gauge ad relevancy and may also track click through rate.

The header links have been turned into tabs and moved underneath the Google logo. There is now a blurb about your search term and the color of the header bar is much brighter and higher contrast. Advanced Search, Preferences, Language Tools, and Search Tips are now in the old header link location.

Additional search links like the cache and similar pages are now grey instead of the blue.

Overall I like the new interface much more than the old one – a few tweaks here and there for usability goes a long way.

Update: This interface was eerily familiar to me – turns out this was the old one. Wonder if Google will be nice and let me set this to my default interface some day.

3 thoughts on “Google’s New Old UI Tests

  1. Heh funny, thanks for the clarification – I know I’ve seen the layout before. I wonder if Google is getting ready to do some changes, alot of people have been reporting interface tests.

  2. Ya I’ve been noticing some changes as well, but i’m mostly seeing the normal one all the time. I do however miss the integration of the colored “sponsored” boxes on the right. To me I think those would stand out more and would be more beneficial to us PPC people, but who knows.

    Hopefully they’ve got some new dice to roll in the way of graphics – would be nice for a change.

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