Gaming Google and Technorati Blog Style

Liz Strauss is pissed not even a little mad that Technorati keeps launching new features while their basic features are still broken.

So in protest, Liz is encouraging her readers to spread some link love to Janice Myint – Technorati’s Customer Support Specialist.

Let’s give Janice Myint Authority, by getting everyone to LINK TO JANICE.
We’ll need to do this with some saavy. We don’t want Janice to end up in the Google sandbox. I propose we work together on the honor system. Are you with me?

For SEO reasons, we need a variety of link types and a variety of link names. Keep these guidelines in mind.

  • Not everyone should use the exact title of her blog.
  • Not everyone should blogroll her blog. Some should be links to individual posts.
  • Some should be comment links.
  • Not everyone should link today, tomorrow, or the next day.

Choose one of the options below to pick your link day.

  • 1. Choose the last letter in your last name. Count its place in the alphabet. Count out that many days from today and link to Janice’s blog on that day.
  • 2. When you get your next link to your own blog. Link to Janice’s blog.
  • 3. If a friend or family member has a birthday, anniversary or other occasions between now and April 1st, link to Janice’s blog on that day.
  • 4. When you get the third, or fourth, or fifth, “Sorry Technorati is . . .” message, link to Janice’s blog.

What’s interesting here is how the guidelines are laid out:

Varied Link Descriptions

Too much of the same anchor text looks suspicious.

Varied Link Depth

Same thing goes with link depth. If every link is going to the homepage, things don’t look natural.

Varied Link Location

Link placement matters – if all the links are in the navigation or the footer, these links do not carry as much value as links in content rich areas.

Natural Link Growth

Gradual and varied link growth = Natural.

Couple more things that are happening that aren’t specifically outlined in the guidelines:

Varied Sites

Since Liz’s site reaches a variety of readers – naturally the sites they run will be located on different servers/ips and provide a nice distribution of site locations.

Related Content

Most of the time, content will accompany these links since the majority of these links will come from blog posts.

4 thoughts on “Gaming Google and Technorati Blog Style

  1. Hi
    Thanks for spreading the word!
    I’m not really pissed.
    I wouldn’t even say I’m a little bit mad. I just want Janice to have all the support she can get.

    I’m the nice one.


  2. Thanks for dropping by Liz.

    Bah I guess you are the nice one. (I’ve changed the post to reflect how nice you are). Good to see that David dropped by your site and left a response.

    Blog search still has a long ways to go before it is useful enough for the general public to use.

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