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Want a free backlink from

Here’s how:
1. Find a term that your website ranks top 10 in Google. The term could be competitive or non competitive, it doesn’t matter.
2. Point a link or several links to,,, or to get them indexed. Doesn’t matter where the links are coming from, the point is to get the page indexed.
3. Free back link.
4. Remove the links to or if you worry about reciprocal links etc.

Some examples (Google Cache versions):
Lm Car Rental

What’s happening here?

Basically whenever cannot find a match to a query, it displays the top 10 Google results with a bunch of sponsored links. Just like a scraper site. The top 10 results are displayed with clean html links.

One thing – since works like a scraper site, you’ll notice some pages will end up in the supplemental index. Obvious search terms that have been scraped elsewhere will just end up in the supplemental index. Some of these pages have some decent PR. For example this one is showing a PR 4.

Even more examples:
Google Search to find examples

All pages that return Google results have a title like this:
Keyword Term: Web Search Results from

So searching for “web search results from” on the will give you all the pages with Google results.


This may be considered spam/blackhat etc.

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