Demographic Targeting Ads from MSN

News of MSN’s ad launch has been spreading around.

The new MSN paid-search solution will provide keyword buyers with in-depth audience intelligence including geographic location, gender, age group, lifestyle segment and time of day. As a result, advertisers should be able to plan more strategic advertising investments and achieve higher click-to-buy conversion rates among consumers.

(from PRnewswire)

Search Marketers should be tracking this very closely.

MSN ads allow marketers to look at in-depth audience profiles for search keywords. This allows better ad targetting and more detailed audience analysis – resulting in higher returns.

Charlene Li thinks MSN’s entry into search advertising represents the beginning of “targetted search”.

This sets the stage for what I call “targeted search”. There’s no reason why search should be any different from other types of advertising, where you can target creative based on your audience knowledge.

Targetted search is not something new, but I agree that MSN is taking it to a bigger level – mainly due to their status as a huge portal.

Clearly, Yahoo! has the audience data to move in the same direction and I wouldn’t be surprised if they did so at pretty much the same time MSN moves into major markets like the US and UK.

Yahoo will most likely follow MSN in this area. They have the portal data and the click through data from Overture. With the launch of Yahoo 360° (their new social network), Yahoo will have access to all types of data that MSN is using.

Danny Sullivan discusses the impact (forum thread).

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