CNET Reviews 9 Search Engines

CNET recently reviewed 9 search engines. All the reviews are fairly comprehensive, so it may take some time to get through them. Here’s the one sentence summary for each of the reviews:

  • A9 – Customize and Save Searches
  • AltaVista – Great for Media Searches, but thats it
  • AOL Search – Google for Beginners
  • Ask Jeeves – An alternative to Google and Yahoo with new features
  • Google – The biggest and the best
  • LookSmart – Use FindArticle and avoid the rest
  • Lycos – Find out what people are talking about
  • MSN Search – Recently improved, but not good enough
  • Yahoo Search – Giving Google a run for its money

In their review, CNET ranks Google at the top with Yahoo a close second. A9 ranks third due to its advanced features.

About a week ago, CNN reported Google had 36.4 percent of the U.S. search engine market compared to Yahoo’s 30.6 percent market share. MSN had 16.5 percent, Ask Jeeves had 5.5 percent, and Time Warner Inc.’s AOL had 8.9 percent.