AdSense Tips From DigitalPoint Forums

Barry points out a thread over at the DigitalPoint Forums detailing how a member quadrupled her AdSense click through rate by changing her ad layout.

Critter, the thread starter, increased her click through rate by drawing greater attention to her ads. She moved her ads into a different location and placed images above the ads to attract clicks.

Click on the image to see the ad layout changes.

Marketing requires constant testing and tweaking. Always continue to test your ad placements, small changes can lead to great returns.

Here’s how another member of the forums implemented this technique.

2 thoughts on “AdSense Tips From DigitalPoint Forums

  1. Wow, this is a neat trick. I can’t believe noone thought of this before. I guess we are going to see this more often. Maybe I will use this for the next site I’m working on.

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