More Google UI Tests

Dave Winer notices some new Google UI tests.

What’s interesting is the UI allows users to search deeper in a site from the original listings. Also looks like the content is a javascript dropdown div – more content and more time spent on Google’s search page. If users can get the content they want without having to leave, that’s a win for Google. Not so great for publishers though.

5 thoughts on “More Google UI Tests

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  2. Still no sign of these enhancements from searches made from the UK (if that’s why) – tried and – No fold-out-able arrows here.

    From the descriptions of it, it sounds very like the tech.memeorandum concept – where they show ‘discussion’

    More importantly, do provide this kind of nav, you could use simple OPML – and thus provide search results in OPML. OPML Search ‘Subscription’ will be big this year – imho

  3. Not only in the UK, also in the Netherlands no enhancements.

    Search originated in the Netherlands => No ‘wedges’ => No refined search. :-(

  4. Don’t you just hate when big websites try out cool things and once you notice the cool things they go away the next try what ever (Yahoo!’s New homepage)

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