14 thoughts on “AdWords AdSense Arbitrage Video

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  4. This video’s stupid. Who cares! As long as I find what I’m looking for, why does it matter how I got there? Get a real job or make some money w/arbitrage yourself. It happens in every industry, it’s called the middleman or a finders fee.

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  7. Everyone knows that Adsense & Adwords is ripe with Arbitrage. People are now moving to places like 7search in the search for cheaper clicks now that the competition has increased….

    Earners Blog

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  9. Basically, it’s about sending cheap Google Adwords traffic to a page that has high-paying Adsense ads on it. People click on your ads and you make money.

    This was the ultimate “lazy system” for a while. But, like everything easy, people started abusing it and Google became smarter. After their “smart pricing” and “quality score” algorithms came into effect, many webmasters stopped making money with Adsense Arbitrage.

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