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Waxy has the story. Sad day for WordPress.

I can’t believe Matt would resort to some underhanded cloaking technique to earn adsense cash. No one would have said anything if he was more open about the whole deal.

Update: Tons of people are flaming WordPress and Matt over this. Lets all wait till he gets back from vacation and hear what he says. This is a big deal though. Imagine if he used to link to a link farm – all sites linking back to (a majority of the wordpress installs) could be banned in Google.

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  1. Matt did great job when he produce WP , now is 9 PR , this very high score can not be reached by any website , CNN ,BBC , Yahoo and these kind of world-class website are just reached 9 , Matt reach it , and we may see nearly reach 10 , Who Knows !!

  2. Great work!!! WordPress the free blogger is picking up and I can see every tech in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India is having a blog powered by WordPress.

  3. The short version: Mr. Mullenweg chose to make money by selling’s high Google pagerank to the worst kind of black-hat SEO scumsucker, the kind of person who makes a living off of poisoning search results.

    Sure Mr. Mullenweg deserves to make a few bucks — but nobody deserves to make money by destroying the value of search engines for all the rest of us. That’s peeing in the community pool. His “apology” was spin and half-truths, and he continues to delete any non-sycophantic comments, no matter how polite. Of course he knew better than cloaking — he just didn’t think he’d get caught. To this day he has not shown any comprehension of, or remorse for, what he did wrong.

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  5. If he can get away with it, and the people aren’t being hurt, whats the problem, 99% of users didn’t even notice it, and I would say a large percentage of those don’t care. Lay off.

  6. Get real underhanded cloaking
    google and yahoo use some forum
    of cloaking themselves.

    It’s the small guys against the big guys.
    Take google was banned by google
    and within 2 days google unbanned them.
    Like to see that happen to any of us..

  7. Hi, is there any update onthis at all as I use a lot of wordpress blogs. It would be a shame to see them go after all the hard work.



  8. I say good on him for making the money that we would all like but that said, cloaking was not the best way to impress people,

    nice blog you have


  9. Yeah, I still don’t see google banning wordpress anytime soon because of this incident. Altough, this issue might be brought up another time during this year lol.

  10. Cloaking has always been a massive issue with the good use and the bad. But how is cloaking defined?

    If I produce one site in English, French and German, Google will show each site accorinding to the visitors IP so they see the site in their local language.

    Isn’t that similar to cloaking – showing a different version of a site depending who is looking at it?

    yes, I know in the above example there is a good use for that but where do you draw the line that decides which form of cloaking is good and bad?

  11. I am sure Matt wouldn’t do anything to harm wordpress, he is a master of the internet and a very smart man.

  12. i used wordpress and I’m liking it. with all the plug ins and things you can do on it i definitely would continue to use it forever.

  13. Strange I am an avid WordPress user, I generate plug-ins, themes, the works and usually keep up on the current news but I have not heard about this yet, I was just listening to him on a online radio show at and he seemed like an alright person.

    As for being a link farm that would destroy the company name right there, sure the platform is awesome but your right all those blogs could be banned for linking to a bad neibourhood and that could have some serious concequences for the company but I don’t think they would stoop to that level.

  14. I think I’ve read something simillar a few days ago. I don’t remember where, might have been on or slashdot.

  15. All of the big search engines change their rules or algorithms in our evolving world. They now penalise link exchanges and blog farms and favour one way linking. They do not need to, nor do I think that they would, penalise all WordPress sites because of one man’s actions.

  16. It’s highly unlikely that the search engines would penalise all wordpress sites, as a fall back to Matt’s doing.

    Another perspective to this whole issue, is the fact that the other part of the story ie Matt’s version is still to be known. He would know better, how to handle this rather sensitive issue.

    regards rashmi

  17. Hi all great information here and good thread to comment on.

    Can I ask though – how did you get this picked up and into google news?

    Very impressive that this blog is syndicated through Google and is it something that is just up to Google or you actively created?

    Obviously this is a popular blog with great data so well done on your seo success..

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