Google Responds To Landing Page Review Requests

Hints from Google on how to improve your AdWords landing pages:

From Digitalpoint:

We don’t typically give recommendations about what to change/add as we can’t guarantee it will help improve your site quality score. That said, you may consider adding content such as:
- more information about what distinguishes your service service and how you provide the best solution.
- information for home buyers – things to consider, how to pick a real estate agent
- information about real estate – median home value, common issues to watch out for (like termites or mold), etc.

From WebmasterWorld:

1. Not enought content.
There was only one opt-in email form and 1 page of text about why you should opt in, what you’ll get and a few tidbits about privacy.
2. The website needed a complete privacy policy on a new page as what was there was not detailed enough.
3. There was no contact us page.
4. There were no external links to other related and useful webpages.

Search Marketing Standard – Issue 2

Boris Mordkovich, Publisher of Search Marketing Standard, emailed me today letting me know that the 2nd issue of Search Marketing Standard is hitting the printers within a week and will be out in August.

The first issue contained less content than most expected, but this upcoming issue will be significantly larger.


This time, it will be 30% larger than its predecessor and will contain more intermediate to advanced material as our readers have requested.

Leaving the Firm

I recently left Search Engine Optimization Inc. to pursue new opportunities. For the past several weeks I’ve been making the transition from client to in-house work. I joined Search Engine Optimization Inc. in January 2005 excited about search marketing and working for a large firm. Almost a year and a half later my excitement for the search marketing industry is still high, but it’s time for a change.

The firm has accomplished a lot in past year and half, growing rapidly in terms of services and employees. Originally a purely SEO firm, Search Engine Optimization Inc. is now offering pay per click management, copywriting, and optimized press releases. Even though the firm has been through several public snafus, the team at Search Engine Optimization Inc. is still going strong.

I’m leaving on good terms and I wish everyone at Search Engine Optimization, Inc the best.

So what’s next? I’ve joined Shopzilla‘s SEO team in a strategic role. I’m helping drive natural traffic to Shopzilla’s local and international web properties. I am excited to be part of a very strong SEO team that is competing with some of the best corporate SEO teams (Amazon / Ebay).

Shopzilla is a shopping search engine that provides users with a powerful and easy way to search through more than 30 million products from more than 60 thousand stores. In addition, Shopzilla also features price comparison tools with BizRate (operated by Shopzilla) reviews.

Shopzilla powers shopping search for many large web properties like AOL and Lycos.

I’ll continue to keep blogging and sharing with the community. Lately my posting rate has plummeted due to the job changes and my trip. But now that I’m back and settled, expect to see more posts in the near future.